Longevity AI Consortium at

King's College London


The use of artificial intelligence in precision medicine is a revolutionary new approach to advancing health and wellness, knowledge, and data-driven health care delivery to maximize the quality of life for all over a lifetime. Precision medicine with its DNA sequencing, high-tech diagnostic tests, and individually targeted therapies might be significantly less costly than conventional approaches.

Currently, there are only 3 centres in the world actively trying to establish a leading Longevity AI Consortium. These include the US-based Buck Institute for Research on Aging, US-based Y Combinator, and the US-Hawaii AI Precision Health Institute, while only the latter has actually succeeded in establishing such a centre in practice. If the UK were to work toward the establishment of such centres in a proactive manner, the nation could leverage its existing resources, including its very well-developed AI industry and its reputation for extremely strong industry / academic / governmental cooperative initiatives, to become the #1 global hub for the application of AI to Longevity and Precision Health.

Meanwhile, there are currently 4 major AI Centres for Healthcare in major industry, academic and metropolitan hubs in the UK, but none of them have a specific focus on Longevity, precision health and preventive medicine. While these centres serve as a precedent and proof-of-concept for the viability of an AI Centre for Longevity, they do not adequately address the need for a leading AI for Longevity R&D nexus within the UK capable of developing leading solutions, products and services that leverage the power of AI to implement practical, real-world product, services and solutions to extend citizens’ Healthy Longevity.

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