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AI Longevity accelerator

at King's College London

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AI Longevity Accelerator - 2020 and Beyond

In 2020, following the completion of several key development milestones, the Longevity AI Consortium plans to launch an AI Longevity Accelerator Programme that will serve as a much-needed bridge between start-ups focusing on AI for Longevity research and drug development and major UK investors.


While the UK’s AI and Longevity industry ecosystems are very developed individually, the number of longevity startups utilizing AI in a major way for their internal R&D is comparatively small compared to the overall disruptive impact, potential and promise that the synergy of these two sectors has. 


While the UK government has very heavily prioritized the separate sectors of AI and Longevity by making both of them 2 of their 4 Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges, the actual portion of the UK AI and Longevity industries seeking to unite these separate verticals in unique and convergent ways remains insufficient to leverage the nation’s strengths in these industries to their maximum potential.

Screenshot 2019-08-25 at 14.54.03.png
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  • more than 1000 AI Companies in the uk

  • more than 1000 ai companies in healthcare in the uk

  • no ai-Company or r&D center focused on longevity in the uk

An infrastructure needs to be developed to promote increased investments and developments in this sector, and to provide AI for Longevity startups with relevant levels of funding. And this is precisely what the AI Longevity Accelerator at King’s College will seek to do.


All startup selected for inclusion into the accelerator will also receive mentorship and incubation resources, and will gain access to our global network of experts in the areas of scientific R&D, business development and investment relations, giving them the tools necessary to grow, expand and evolve following their time in the AI Longevity Accelerator, and to equip them with the skills required to develop further through later-stage venture capital and government grants.

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