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Following the successful development of the AI Longevity Centre at ARK, we suggest that they expand their operations and establish some prototypical AI Centre for Financial Wellness.


Whereas the proposed AI Centres for Longevity would focus on optimizing health into old age, this centre would focus on the application of AI to the creation of methods and technologies to promote wellness in the elderly in all aspects of life besides health, ranging from financial wellness, continuing education, happiness, psychological wellbeing, neuroplasticity and active social involvement.


Considering the vast amount of data and information about citizens being collected by financial institutions, telecom companies, etc., there are a large number of options and avenues for how AI, machine learning, big data analysis and other predictive analytical systems could utilize that data to create personalized recommendations for how citizens 60 years and older can optimize their lifestyles and behaviours to achieve a high degree of wellness, stability and social involvement and activity.


The number of companies, researchers, projects and technologies active in this space (AgeTech, FinTech for the Elderly, Continuing Education, Brain Training, etc.) is very high, and rapidly growing. Therefore, the demand for practical and sophisticated AI-driven approaches for improving and optimizing the products and services in this space is very high. Thus, the establishment of dedicated centres focusing on providing companies active in this space with advanced AI-driven support and solutions would both serve to generate sizeable revenues by selling and licensing methods and technologies to these companies, and also help optimize products and services aiming to improve the overall, lifetime wellness of elderly individuals in all aspects of life besides health.

The Longevity AI Centre will be the first platform for production of comprehensive cloud computing systems for developing multifactorial panels of biomarkers of ageing, and aims to identify a minimum recommended panel of biomarkers to be implemented into clinical diagnostic facilities or partnership projects. 


These may include different academic institutions, healthcare providers such as clinics, diagnostic laboratories and AI healthcare companies. The concept for the AI Centre for Longevity will be to provide free of charge access to this cloud computing system, with our partners contributing different types of data and joint development and validation of biomarkers. Our partners will gain access to the cloud service and the AI capabilities of the Centre to develop and validate new experimental markers.


Key areas of focus will include how AI can be implemented so that the diverse data sources can be more effectively mined and analyzed. The nature of the data to be collected remains to be established, and identification of appropriate facilities required to process such digitized data linked with current health status of individuals.


The Longevity AI Centre also represents a significant opportunity for commercialisation of the technologies and biomarkers identified through the research partnerships. It is likely there will be numerous spin-off companies created, and financial companies can be provided with specific services. 


For example data from voice recognition and health status would be valuable for insurance companies. As the development of biomarkers of wellness and longevity will be collected from people of all age groups (since ageing starts from the time of conception) and ethnic backgrounds and correlated to genetic and environmental factors, this will enhance the global profile for the Centre through existing and new ARK International partners. 

ARK AI Longevity Centre

  • Ageing Research at King’s (ARK) will develop the UK’s first AI Centre for Longevity in 2019, which will serve as a leading R&D hub and industry-academic hotspot for advanced AI-driven AI-driven personalized preventive diagnostics, prognostics and therapeutics.

  • This represents a paradigm shift from treatment to prevention and a new frontier - from precision medicine to precision health, enabling the UK to become the #1 global hub for the application of AI to Longevity and Precision Health.

  • Precision Health through AI will be developed by a combination of AI-Driven Precision  Diagnostics, AI-Driven Advanced Prognostics, Personalised Treatment Optimization, and AI-Driven Preventative  Treatment.

  • In addition, the AI Centre for Longevity also plans on dedicating resources to R&D in other niches where the science is ahead of the funding: e.g. microbiome diagnostics and therapeutics, recent advancements and innovations in advanced cosmetics in particular.

  • The Centre will develop a comprehensive cloud computing platform to enable the development of “minimum viable” and “most comprehensive” panels of biomarkers of ageing, creating an ecosystem that incentivizes the participation of doctors, clinics, data providers, AI companies and corporate partners, and which enables efficient and streamlined commercialization and clinical implementation of both validated and experimental biomarkers of ageing as a framework for the extension of national Healthy Longevity in the UK.

  • The establishment of this centre should be further developed into the launch of a complimentary AI Centre for Financial Wellness, utilizing financial and behavioural data to develop products and services that can enable UK citizens to maintain financial stability, social activity and psychological well-being across extended periods of Healthy Longevity.

Action Plan

We propose the formation of leading AI Centres for Longevity, which will apply the latest advances in AI, precision health, preventive medicine and biomarkers of aging to accelerate the development of technologies, procedures and services to increase the UK’s National Healthy Longevity.

King’s College London would be the logical choice of location for the first AI Centre for Longevity, due to their unique combination of resources, departments and technologies for both AI and Longevity. This should be established in 2019 and further developed in 2020. 

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