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Longevity AI Consortium at

King's College London


ARK Longevity AI Consortium

  • Ageing Research at King’s (ARK) will develop the UK’s first Longevity AI Consortium in 2019, which will serve as a leading R&D hub and industry-academic hotspot for advanced AI-driven  personalized preventive diagnostics, prognostics and therapeutics.

  • This represents a paradigm shift from treatment to prevention and a new frontier - from precision medicine to precision health, enabling the UK to become the #1 global hub for the application of AI to Longevity and Precision Health.

  • Precision Health through AI will be developed by a combination of AI-Driven Precision Diagnostics, AI-Driven Advanced Prognostics, Personalised Treatment Optimization, and Preventative Treatment.

  • In addition, the Longevity AI Consortium also plans on dedicating resources to R&D in other niches where the science is ahead of the funding: e.g. microbiome diagnostics and therapeutics, recent advancements and innovations in advanced cosmetics in particular.

  • The Consortium will develop a comprehensive cloud computing platform to enable the development of “minimum viable” and “most comprehensive” panels of biomarkers of ageing, creating an ecosystem that incentivizes the participation of doctors, clinics, data providers, AI companies and corporate partners, and which enables efficient and streamlined commercialization and clinical implementation of both validated and experimental biomarkers of ageing as a framework for the extension of national Healthy Longevity in the UK.

  • The establishment of this consortium should be further developed into the launch of a complimentary AI Consortium for Financial Wellness, utilizing financial and behavioural data to develop products and services that can enable UK citizens to maintain financial stability, social activity and psychological well-being across extended periods of Healthy Longevity.

Action Plan

We propose the formation of leading AI Consortiums for Longevity, which will apply the latest advances in AI, precision health, preventive medicine and biomarkers of aging to accelerate the development of technologies, procedures and services to increase the UK’s National Healthy Longevity.

King’s College London would be the logical choice of location for the first Longevity AI Consortium, due to their unique combination of resources, departments and technologies for both AI and Longevity. This should be established in 2019 and further developed in 2020. 

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